Tyre choice

  1. james_edwards259 says:

    Buckinghamshire has some of the worst roads in the country and I am after advice on the best reasonably priced tyre to withstand the ruts and rough roads that I am cycling at the moment. I am new to cycling (relatively speaking) and am after general comments please.

  2. carlboughton says:

    I wont ride anything other than conti grand prix 4 season, about £30 per tyre but i can honestly say ive never had a puncture, I commutre every day and ride at weekends through all weather and previous tyres puntured regularly. Cant recomend them highly enough.

  3. SussexWolf says:

    Specialized Crossroads or Nimbus Armadilo. Again not cheap but worth every penny

  4. roadrunnerlxxi says:

    I have good luck with Vittoria Rubino Pro 3. I have ridden over 6000 miles on my current set through mainly country roads which sometime have gravel on them. I just order another set 2 weeks ago through Ribble and am waiting for them in the mail.

  5. jkharrop says:

    Schwalbe marathon plus - I have them on two bikes and have covered around 8000 miles on each - they are still going strong! They last and last and therefore in my opinion are the cheapest in the long run. I have other bikes with other tyres (smarter, faster, lighter) but from time to time they puncture and wear out quickly.

  6. volpoid says:

    Continental Ultra Sport